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COVID-19 Safer At Home Update

As you many know, on Monday, CP decided to keep all of our locations closed through April 24, per Governor Evers’ Saferat Home order. It was a tough decision, but after talking as a staff and reaching out to some of our clients, we felt this was really the best action to take for the safety and well being of everyone.
Speaking of that, I know a lot of people are home right now, and it might be getting a bit old. How many more movies can you watch, how many more puzzles can you put together? I know I had the realization yesterday of what am I going to do to keep busy at home for a month? I have work, which helps, but what about at night or on the weekends? Luckily, I have two teenagers who, for the most part, keep themselves busy, but even they get bored and need something to do outside of online learning. It was a lot more overwhelming than I thought, really.
But then I thought about our clients – the people that CP serves every day. The infants, the seniors, the kiddos who are medical…

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