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Wheelchair Etiquette 101

Generally speaking, people tend to have a sense of uneasiness around something that is unfamiliar or different from what they know. Imagine trying a food you never have before. Do you take huge bite or a tiny sample? What about starting a new job? It’s likely that your biggest worry on the first day is finding your way around a new office space.These are just small examples of the awkwardness we can feel when doing something that challenges our comfort level. So now think about meeting someone who uses a wheelchair for the first time. Chances are, similar feelings of uneasiness come into play and common questions bubble to the surface: How do I act? What do I say? What do I do?The reality is that it’s not that hard, because at the end of the day, it’s just another person. But to help, we’ve come up with the top three things to keep in mind when you meet someone who uses a wheelchair.1. Speak directly to the personSpeak to the person in the wheelchair directly, not the people or caregi…

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