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Tips to Help Celebrate the 4th of July with Your Child with Sensory Issues

As with just about everything this summer, the 4th of July probably won’t look the same as it has in the past. And while parades, backyard cookouts and big community celebrations may be modified or cancelled, that doesn’t mean the day won’t be celebrated. There will still be fireworks, and perhaps you’ll attend appropriately socially distanced picnics.If you have a child with sensory processing challenges, the 4th of July can be a stressful time, no matter how people are planning to celebrate the holiday. It can be overwhelming, especially if family traditions are changing into something new. But there are ways to help your child navigate their feelings and bodies so they can be involved in the fun: Spend Time Talking About Your Plans Speaking with your child about plans you have for the day can help prepare them for what’s coming up. Talking about how long things will take, where you are going, what you’ll be doing and who will be there are all good starting points. Some children resp…

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