May is National Speech-Language-Hearing Month

National Speech-Language-Hearing Month offers an opportunity to increase awareness about communication disorders and the role CP’s speech-language pathologists play in assisting kids with communication disorders and their families.

CP’s speech-language pathologists are experts that provide resources to many families in the community. From six weeks to 18 years old, CP is there for every stage of your child’s development. Each therapist brings a unique perspective and expertise to CP that cover a variety of topics and concerns. Some of our favorite topics our expert pathologists covered that you can learn more about include:

 Baby Sign Language (BSL): Baby Sign Language empowers infants and toddlers to communicate their needs before they are able to speak. It can often be difficult for parents to understand what their child needs when they are able to verbally express themselves. Baby Sign Language relieves some of that stress for both parents and the baby!

What is Nonverbal Communication? Not every child will develop verbal speech, and nonverbal communication is something everyone should be familiar with. From when parents should be concerned to what to expect, there’s lots of great information in this article.

Prompting Speech Requests at Home: Parents are often in tune with what their child needs, but when a child does not communicate their needs they might need some extra assistance. There are some activities that can be done at home to encourage your child to speak! 

Stuttering: Many kids and adults are affected by stuttering. While stuttering is common when a child first starts developing their language skills, many children eventually grow out of it. But many parents wonder when they should be concerned and what they can do at home and this article is a great resource.

Our speech-language pathologists are leading experts in the field that provide the best possible care to kids and their families. They treat a variety of diagnoses including tongue ties, feeding disorders, communication disorders and more. If you think CP speech therapy might be a fit for your kiddo, you can speak with your child’s pediatrician and tell them you want CP Therapy Services for your child.


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