Fusion Foundation Provides Opportunity for Everyone to Dance

There are so many great organizations in our community that provide inclusive opportunities. This week, CP wanted to highlight one of those organizations. Meet the Fusion Foundation.

The Fusion Foundation started from the idea that everyone should be able to dance, no matter the cost or person’s ability. Not only does the Fusion Foundation offer dance scholarships, they also develop dance experiences for people from all walks of life. No matter the obstacle, age, set-back or disability, if someone wants to dance, the Fusion Foundation tries to bring that experience to them. 

One of the programs started by the Fusion Foundation is their LEAD program. Standing for Limitless Enriched Adaptive Dance, the program provides an enriching atmosphere for children and adults with special needs to experience dance through special clinics, field trips and community dance classes.

Last year was CP’s first time partnering with the Fusion Foundation. Children and adults with special needs were invited to participate in a morning dance clinic, then everyone headed over to WBAY and performed their dance on the annual CP Telethon. It was an amazing moment, and one of the top highlights of the show.

Watching this group, who had only come together a few hours before, perform, work and help each other while having fun - at that moment, you could see CP’s mission alive and thriving in every face on that stage.

It’s very fulfilling to work with so many wonderful organizations in the community that are like-minded and want to offer opportunities for everyone – no matter the ability. It’s even better when we can come together to make that happen.

The LEAD dance clinic will be returning to the CP Telethon on Sunday, March 8. The clinic will take place at CP that morning, and is open to children (8+) and adults with special needs. You can register at www.fusionfoundation.org. The cost is only $8 for what should be an experience to remember.


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