Getting to Know Deena: Adult Day Services Feature Family

The CP Telethon is right around the corner, and as we continue to plan the event, finalize the details and line up the entertainment, it’s important to take a minute and remember what the CP Telethon is really all about.

Most think of Telethon as this big community tradition – an opportunity to thank those who have given to CP during the year, seeing friends and family on TV as they answer phones on a VIP panel and hear great live entertainment. And Telethon is all of those things.

But it’s also a celebration of people. Those with disabilities, and those without. Those who make an impact every day. Those who set a goal, work hard and reach it. It’s learning and understanding that people of all abilities make up the communities we live in.

That’s one of the reasons why Telethon has Feature Families. A Feature Family is a client or family that represents what CP is all about. Feature Families are a reflection of the amazing human spirit we see at CP every day.  

So, we’d invite you to get to know our first Feature Family a bit better: Deena, her mom, Eleanor and step-father, Ron. Deena attends CPLakeshore, CP’s Adult Day Services program located in Two Rivers. There, Deena participates in classes that help her be as independent as possible, while interacting with her peers and building new skills.

Deena and her family will appear on Telethon on Sunday, March 8. We hope you can tune in to hear her story and how CP has made a difference. In the meantime, check out our sneak peek of Deena in the video below.

Next week, we’ll introduce you to another Feature Family. Of course, be sure to watch the CP Telethon LIVE on WBAY on March 7 & 8 where you’ll meet all of our Feature Families, our amazing staff and other clients. You’ll be glad you did!


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