An Uncertain Time...

Well, this certainly isn’t the blog post that I thought I’d be sharing this week. COVID-19 has certainly kept us busy creating plans and sharing information, only to have them change a few moments later. CP certainly isn’t alone in this – my personal email inbox has been full of updates and changes over the last week from school, businesses and restaurants. I think we are all just trying to manage the best we can with the information we have. And so, life goes on…

CP has made some decisions regarding our programming due to COVID-19 that we’d like to tell you about. Today, Wednesday, March 18 at 5pm through Friday, April 3, all of CP’s facilities will close. This includes our Green Bay, Kimberly and Two Rivers locations.

We did not take the importance of this decision lightly. We understand that many families rely on CP to care for their loved ones. However, after much discussion, we thought it was necessary in order to protect the health of our clients, families and staff, which is, and always will be, our top priority.

What will happen after Friday, April 3?
Unfortunately, no one really knows what will happen. Although it feels like we finally have a minute to catch our breath, everything could change again. After the two weeks are concluded, CP will assess the situation before making decisions about programming. Those decisions will be communicated as quickly as possible.

Thank You
With everything going on, CP would like to thank our clients, families and especially our amazing team of employees for standing with us through it all.

More changes may lie ahead, but with such amazing support, there isn’t anything we can’t overcome.


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