What we were going to talk about…

As many of you know, CP made the decision to close all of our locations through Friday, April 3 to ensure the health and safety of our clients, families and staff while we all navigate through COVID-19. Although it was a difficult decision, it was the right one to make. 

So, I’m sitting at home, Friday, March 20, trying to figure out my new normal. If I were in my office, I’d be drafting the blog post for the upcoming Monday. But as I write this from my makeshift work station at home, I find that difficult to do. What do you write about, talk about, when you aren’t physically there? So I figured I’d do the next best thing – tell you what I was going to write about over the next two weeks.

Monday, March 23
Today was going to be all about CP’s Aquatic Center. Our spring registration (which is now on hold) was starting to take off and many of our patrons and new families were coming in to register for fitness classes, swim lessons and specialized exercise. The Aquatic Center is open to the public, so it’s always nice to see new faces mixed in with our “regulars” during class registration time.

Spring is a great time to get the kids enrolled in swim lessons so they are ready for summer swimming fun. For others, there is just something about being in a warm water pool that makes you feel good while helping to build balance, strength and coordination through aquatic exercise. Now, I’d normally post a photo of kids having fun in the pool, or perhaps a group fitness class taking place. But, alas, I’m not at CP, so this photo simulation will have to do.

In all sincerity, when we get back at it – and we will – you’ll have to stop by the Aquatic Center yourself to take in all of the action. We’re a pretty busy place with classes designed for every age. Register for a class while you’re there, too!

Monday, March 30
This post was going to promote CP’s YouTube channel. Did you know we even had one? We are working hard in 2020 to provide content that will be helpful not only to current CP families, but for families everywhere. It’s our way to extend our reach beyond Northeast Wisconsin. We have a pretty amazing staff who are knowledgeable about topics including adaptive equipment, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, sensory activities, play based learning, aquatic physical therapy and adaptive technology. Our team also has experience working with a variety of conditions including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, MS, traumatic brain injuries, post-stroke, and even cases where there isn’t a specific diagnosis.

The March 30 post was going to show our latest video, which has unfortunately been suspended due to reasons we all know too well. It was going to feature our Adult Day Services program and the kitchen class sharing a recipe. We’ll still get it posted – just at a later date. For now, you can check out our most recent video on using adaptive equipment:

My sincere hope that is these are the only two blog posts that we will miss. I’ll think of something to post on March 30 (today is taken care of), even if it can’t be what I talked about above. Feel free to subscribe to our blog by sharing your email as well, so that when we do get back to normal, you won’t miss anything.

To everyone: be well, stay safe. I think everyone at CP – clients and staff alike – are missing each other a lot right now. You should head over to CP’s Facebook page and check out what everyone is doing while we are closed. In this trying time, our clients and staff have found wonderful ways to get through all of this with laughter, fun and grace.

Stay healthy and safe.

UPDATE: As we have learned the last few weeks, things change quite rapidly. There is now news of yet another change for WI regarding COVID-19. Please stay safe everyone. Perhaps I'll have to think of another post for week three after all. 


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