CP is Back!

Like many businesses and organizations in Northeast Wisconsin, we reopened the doors of CP today. And, just like others, we reopened a bit differently than before. Face masks, temperature taking and social distancing have become the sudden norm. We do this, not out of fear of COVID-19, but to do our part to protect clients, families and staff for as long as needed.

For the last several weeks, our team has worked to develop a plan of operating in the new normal, taking all of the important health factors into consideration. We developed new guidelines, policies and safety measures. We consulted the CDC and county health departments. We have sought advice from
area medical providers, just to be certain what we were putting in place was the right course of action. We spent time combing over details, questioning how to put policy into practice, gathering supplies and putting up signage. Finally, after weeks of work, we felt ready to safely reopen.
And what happened when we opened a few hours ago? A few bumps in getting people through the door, sure, but we overwhelmingly saw so many more welcoming cheers from staff who haven’t seen each other in two months, big smiles from clients who are so happy to be back and just a general sense of excitement from everyone about being at CP and ready to work, just in a new way. This vibrant energy easily took the spotlight away from new safety procedures. In fact, it was almost surprising to see all of this elation around the building, but it really shouldn’t have been. We were so focused on making sure we were reopening safely, that it was easy to forget that when you get people together, it brings a totally different dynamic. Our team and clients were simply ready to be back, masks and all.  It’s a new vibe, but a very, very good vibe around CP today.

And while the safety of everyone at CP will always be our top priority, we won’t let that turn into fear and we certainly won’t let that stop our clients from making the gains they’ve been working so hard toward.

This morning reminded our team that what we are facing isn’t insurmountable. We just have to find another way over the hill. We are here, ready to help clients meet their goals, and celebrate every milestone achieved. We have a rejuvenated love and commitment to the community we’ve been so proud to be a part of for more than 65 years and we are committed, more than ever, to helping everyone live the life they want and go beyond what they thought possible.

It was an inspiring day, indeed.



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