Videos That Made a Difference During COVID (and even now)

While CP opened its doors last Tuesday, we aren’t quite back to where we were before COVID-19 changed the way we do things. Families and clients are understandably taking extra precautions to ensure safety, which has meant a slower progression back to CP and services for some. In the end, deciding what to do, when it is safe to venture out and where to venture to, is a very personal decision.

Recalling just a short time ago during our safer at home hiatus, our Adult Day Services staff came together and started creating class videos highlighting activities that would have normally been done at CP. From a DIY lava lamp to practicing daily basic stretches, the videos covered a lot of ground. And while nothing beats doing these activities together in a classroom, they did provide clients with some engagement while being at home.

And while CP is open, and while we wait for others to come back when they are ready, the videos are still proving useful and are providing a way for those still at home to participate in some fun and educational activities. 

We’ve even created a library of all of the videos on CP’s website. The Video Resources & Activities page offers an ample supply of projects anyone can do from home, at any time, or just when you’d like to try something new.

CP Staff Videos
But there is something else these videos have created. Although they were developed with connecting to the client in mind, we’ve done something else – connected even more with our community. It’s been entertaining to read the comments as these videos have been posted to Facebook. From a client simply sending a virtual wave to their favorite instructor, to a family - who doesn’t even come to CP - sharing the end result of the craft project they created, the engagement has been amazing and has made us all feel as if we weren’t too far apart after all.

What started as a staff effort to keep clients engaged, has turned into so much more. These aren’t just videos – it’s a lifeline, a way to feel united and another way to feel safe by seeing a familiar face or having something new to do. We’ve ended up contributing to our community – in a way that is very CP.

Who knew an 8 minute video recorded on a phone could have so much impact? Thanks to our CP staff for taking the time to share their skills to everyone.


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