TeleHealth Providing Therapy Safer at Home

When COVID-19 became a reality, just about everyone was impacted. Some in small ways, some in even manageable ways. We learned to adapt, rework and triage. But for others, the arrival of COVID presented a more difficult challenge. This was the case Emily, Michael and their two your old son, Henry.

Henry has myotubular myopathy, which causes muscle weakness and low muscle tone. Emily and Michael brought Henry at CP to start occupational and physical therapy just over a year ago to work on building his strength. “We saw Henry do more and more each time his therapy team set new expectations,” Michael recalled. “He just blossomed and made so much progress.” Emily and Michael were thrilled when Henry starting reaching goals, however, not long after, Henry got sick and spent the next few months at Children’s Hospital. While there, Henry was restricted in his movement and wasn’t able to participate in therapy.

After being sidelined for that long, Emily and Michael were anxious to get back to CP and start Henry’s therapy again. About a week after returning, life threw the curve ball no one saw coming: COVID-19. When CP made the decision to temporarily close its facility, Emily and Michael were worried that the progress Henry had made would roll back without consistent therapy. They were unsure of the next steps to take. “We didn’t want to see Henry lose anything he had gained and worked so hard for, especially since we lost the time when he was in the hospital,” Emily said.

Then CP sent an email offering TeleHealth visits. It was a way to still connect with clients and continue therapy while everyone stayed safer at home. Emily and Michael quickly got Henry enrolled.

Now they were the driver’s seat, having to help their son complete exercises at home while Henry’s OT and PT provided coaching and consulting (and cheering!) through Zoom at CP. “Our first few sessions were really about the therapy team asking us what we needed to feel prepared to start therapy in a new way, “ Emily said. “We didn’t feel like we were thrown into anything.”

It wasn’t easy, but after getting the hang of it, Henry started to make additional gains. “We have a whole new appreciation for the therapists at CP and what they do in the clinic,” Michael said. “We didn't realize how much goes into just making sure Henry’s posture is aligned in order for him to do things the right way.”

Even with CP back open, Henry continues his therapy through TeleHealth since he has a compromised immune system. “To achieve everything Henry has through TeleHealth has been amazing,” Emily noted. “Henry isn’t just back on track, he’s surpassing goals.”

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