What Do Nonprofit Organizations Do?

Living in uncertain times has made a lasting impact on people and the communities they live in, from the smallest child to the seasoned senior, and from small businesses, to big box stores. And somewhere in all of this lives the nonprofit.

When you think of nonprofits, you probably tend to think of the ones that are quite visible to the community like food pantries, animal shelters or ones that deal with disease or illness. But there are many that you don’t see, all working for their cause or mission, with the goal of serving, advocating and making the community better.

With the uncertainty of the past several months, nonprofit organizations, now more than ever, are being asked to do more with less. But, just what do nonprofits do?

The role of the nonprofit in your community

It’s important to note that nonprofits come in all shapes and sizes. From national organizations with local community chapters, to those with a regional reach, to a small, one-person show.

  • Nonprofits, while serving a specific cause, also contribute to the greater good:
  •  Nonprofits provide critical services, goods and resources to meet the needs of their immediate community.
  • Nonprofits serve as a voice for the people they serve and can act as agents of change regarding local and state policy development.
  •  Nonprofits contribute to the area economy and provide jobs.
  •  Nonprofits build community by bringing together people they serve with staff, volunteers and donors, creating advocates and new leaders.

Let’s go back to the notion mentioned earlier regarding the fact there are many nonprofits people probably aren’t even aware of. It’s not for a lack of interest or education, but simply, there are just a lot of nonprofits to get to know. In fact, according to GuideStar, a nonprofit reporting agency, there are close to 1,000 nonprofit organizations in Green Bay alone, and nearly 40,000 throughout the state.  

Chances are you have already been impacted by a nonprofit group. Have you ever visited a thrift store? Donated blood? Were you a Boy Scout or Girl Scout? Have you traveled to a state park? Yep, all of those services and programs are run or maintained by a nonprofit organization. There are even nonprofits that you may not need now, but may need later in life.

Challenges Ahead

No matter the size, many nonprofits have either seen a recent surge in the need for services and they are unsure of how to meet the demand, or on the flip side, they have seen a decrease in services, leaving the future unknown. Either way, it’s clear that our area nonprofits need our help.

Whether it’s through a donation, offering to volunteer, or even sharing news from their social media channels with your friends, nonprofits are in need of community champions right now. Take a moment to touch base with your favorite nonprofit, or perhaps research one that might have special meaning or interest to you and ask how you can get involved.

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