Keeping Spirits High During the Pandemic

During a time when there seems to be a cloud over just about everything, it’s easy to feel down.

The fact is that we are mourning the year and all of the activities that come with it. First it was graduation season, then summer events and vacations, then back to school and fall sports and now discussions about Halloween are on the table. Who knows what the holidays will bring! We haven’t been able to get past this doom and gloom feeling because we are still in the COVID year of firsts.

So just how do you keep your spirits up during a pandemic?

CP put the question to our experts – our clients in Adult Day Services – and asked them the question: What makes you happy?

Swimming keeps Bobby happy.

Desi likes to paint and be with friends.

Bobby is just happy to be out of the house!

The lesson out of this short exercise is that the answer can be something quite simple. What makes you happy right now could be a morning cup of coffee, playing with your kids, exercising or just learning something new. In order to keep our spirits high, we need to remember there is still fun to be had, even in the smallest of things. What a great reminder, right?

So what is making you happy during these pandemic days? If you can’t think of one right away, that’s a sign that you should maybe stop and find something. Once you do, take a moment to share – CP’s clients would love to hear your answers!

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