How To Support a Nonprofit During COVID

We are seven months into this, people, and it’s safe to say that COVID fatigue has clearly settled in. We are all just tired of being tired. Tired of sitting at home. Tired of things not being ‘normal’ and we totally get it.  

So how do brush off some of that COVID weariness? Do something that makes you feel good; something that makes a difference. Help a nonprofit.

Why? Because nonprofits are a strong part of our local community, providing services, programming and a voice to important causes. Nonprofits help your neighbors, friends and quite possibly, even you. So, how can you help?

Donations are Always Needed

A simple donation is always helpful as many nonprofits are feeling the pressure of COIVD and the financial impact. Making a small $10 or $20 online donation really does make a difference. Or, if you are already a donor, consider switching up to a monthly gift option. 

Follow on Social Media

Help spread the nonprofit’s message by following them on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to engage by liking and sharing posts and leaving comments.


This one might be tricky as lots of nonprofits are limiting volunteers, but maybe there is something you can do from home that can help. It doesn’t hurt to ask, so give them a call and find out.

Support a Fundraising Event

Despite COVID, nonprofit organizations still need to hold their fundraising events and had to make major adjustments to transition to a virtual platform. For many, funds raised from events are critical to the continued success of the organization.

This was the case with CP and our annual auction, Rooted, which typically draws a huge community crowd. Instead of meeting in person, we’ve transitioned to a complete virtual experience this year in order to keep everyone safe while still holding the event.

Speaking of the CP Auction, you can check out what’s up for bid on our website. Bidding is open now through October 23rd. There are also some amazing raffles you can purchase tickets for. Raffle winners will be announced on October 22.

Whether you have COVID fatigue, or just need something new to do, consider supporting a local nonprofit. Helping where you can will make all the difference and ensure our local nonprofits will be here long after COIVD has gone.






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