Just What Does a Physical Therapist do at CP?

Comprehensively, CP Therapy Services focuses on occupational, physical and speech-language therapy for infants, children and adults. But in October, we are singling out our physical therapy team because its National Physical Therapy month, an annual opportunity to highlight CP’s PT program and our team. And there is a lot of good stuff to share.

Here are some things to note about our PT team:

  • Team of 5 (one just new to the team about only a few weeks ago!)
  • Currently serving 128 clients, children and adults
  • Our PT’s have held 3,007 appointments so far in 2020 (through 9/5)
  • That’s 135,315 minutes spent with clients. This doesn’t include paperwork or client prep!

And just what have those minutes been spent doing?

Evaluating and creating individual treatment plans for each client and family.

Working with clients on things like range of motion, balance, coordination and stretching in the pool and in the therapy gym…

…and also on a trampoline, on a scooter, while riding a bike in the hallway…

…while doing puzzles, playing kitchen, or making up their own game. Anywhere and any way to make it work.

Meeting with parents to discuss progress.

Learning about new techniques, technology and equipment to bring only the best ideas, options and solutions to clients.

Thinking on their feet and adapting as necessary to get the most out of each session with every client.

Making sure parents are involved - it’s a family affair!

Cheering on successes, and rolling with it when the kiddo just isn’t having a good day.

Singing. So. Many. Songs.

Making suggestions to parents about equipment, resources and activities that can be used at home.

Working and collaborating together to do what’s best for the client.

Adjusting to bring PT to clients through TeleHealth because…COVID.

Why do they do it?

Because there was an injury or a complication, or perhaps a milestone missed and they knew they could help.

To see a smiling face on a client when they did something they weren’t able to do the day before.

To help each child, each adult, meet their goals and go beyond what they thought possible.

There has been a lot of time spent doing really good things for clients and a community that has trusted CP and its services for more than 65 years. Well done PT team!

We’ve only just kicked off the month, so be sure to check out CP’s Facebook and Instagram pages throughout October as we continue to highlight CP’s physical therapy program and our team.

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