Being an Adult Instructor at CP

During November, CP is highlighting our Adult Day Services staff. You can see who we are focusing on and learn about what our team does by checking out our Instagram stories.

During all of the busyness of “a day in the life” of staff at CP, we were able to get Ted Huebbe, an adult instructor, to take a moment and answer a few questions about what he does at CP, and more importantly….why. 

CP: What do you do at CP?

TH: As an Adult Instructor, I work directly with the clients in the Adult Day Services(ADS) program. I lead and organize the classes that CP offers. I have worked at CP for almost two years now. 

CP: What interested you about working at CP and in the Adult Program?

TH: I had previously work as a transport driver, and through that job I met a lot of the CP clients, and drove the busses for CP outings. I realized what great people the clients and staff at CP were, and wanted an opportunity to work in that environment.

CP: What’s a typical day in ADS like?

TH: There are two scheduled class times, morning and afternoon, with a variety of topics, from game classes to arts and crafts, kitchen classes, swim sessions, exercise classes and many others.  I also help get the clients settled in the morning, assist at lunch time, and get them ready to go home at the end of the day. 

CP: What’s your favorite part about working in ADS?

TH: So many of my personal interests are relatable to class topics at CP, so whether it’s gardening, cooking, games, photography, world cultures and customs, arts and crafts or music, I find that I have some level of knowledge to share with the clients, and to help keep the clients engaged with the class.

CP: What have you learned by working in the Adult program?

TH: Especially after the last 7 months with COVID, where all of our lives have been upended and changed, I have come to realize that our clients at CP are deeply affected by the social distancing imposed on them by their diagnosis. CP gives these folks a chance to come together, socialize, go on outings and be challenged by new experiences. We should all have a sense now of how important that feeling of community and togetherness is.

CP: When people ask what it’s like to work at CP, what do you say?

TH: I have found CP to be a family of people, both the clients and the staff. Everybody greets each other so enthusiastically each morning and shows genuine interest and concern for each other during the day. This is a place of positivity.

Does CP sound like a place you’d like to work? If so, check out our open positions and apply today. 


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