More Than Just Salsa at CP

There is a day in October that everyone at CP looks forward to. Salsa Day in the Adult Day Services program! That’s right, homemade salsa, right in our own backyard. 

But planning for salsa day starts well before October. After all, there’s a lot that goes into making salsa. First, the Garden and Science class plants the seeds for vegetables like onions, tomatoes and a variety of peppers. For weeks the seeds are nurtured until they sprout into plants that are then transferred to the accessible outdoor garden. At this stage, clients take tremendous care to make sure each plant thrives. Care that is rewarded with an abundance of fresh produce! After the harvest, supplies are sent off to the kitchen class where clients dice tomatoes, chop onions and add spices to create… SALSA!

So, when salsa day finally comes around, our staff – with money in hand – heads over to the ADS department to buy the only-once-a-year salsa! There really is an energy in the air about it, it’s that good. To put it another way: it’s a day you don’t want to forget to bring tortilla chips.

While salsa day certainly makes everyone happy, it’s a great reminder of all the hard work and the diversity that classes in Adult Day Services provide. Just this one project flowed through multiple classes, and involved lots of clients, all who bring different skills and ideas, but worked together for one final result.

The Adult Day Services program offers a variety of classes for clients to work on skill building while having fun. Classes like karate, newsletter, Pinterest, brain games and ceramics provide clients the opportunity to work on goals unique to them and socialize with their peers. It’s a chance for each client’s personality to shine through. And when all of these elements are combined together in a class, the result is something pretty amazing.

Kind of like our salsa.   

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