Giving Tuesday: Generosity is All Around

Giving Tuesday is tomorrow. Created in 2012 as a global generosity movement, Giving Tuesday is a day that encourages people to simply do good in their community and by each other. Over the years, this day of giving has grown into a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give and celebrate generosity.

Generosity is all around us and we see it every day at CP.

We see it in our staff who generously apply their skills to help clients find success.

We see it in our families who share advice and resources with each other.

We see it in clients who give all they’ve got to meet their goals. 

And we certainly feel the generosity from our community, who give their time to volunteer, attend an event and support CP through a gift.

It is days like Giving Tuesday that remind me that CP is here and has been able to grow over our 68 year history because of the generosity our community shows us every day. Northeast Wisconsin is truly a one of a kind place.

So on November 30, in celebration of Giving Tuesday, take a moment to find ways you can give generously. What group or organization makes your community a better place? Support them with your time or with a donation. If CP is that place for you, consider a gift. Or sign up for our email list and you’ll receive inspiring stories that will remind you of generosity, kindness and compassion all year long.

From all of us at CP, have a wonderful holiday season and happy Giving Tuesday!


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