Much To Be Thankful For!

This is the time of year where many of us take a moment to reflect. To flip back through the memories of the last year (maybe even farther than that) and everything we’ve been able to do, and people we have had in our lives, and simply give thanks.

We have a lot to be thankful for at CP. While we’ve had to keep our COVID safety measures in place, we are thankful that we are still here and going strong in Green Bay, Fox Cities and on the Lakeshore.

We are thankful for our staff and clients. Things since COVID haven’t been easy as we adapted to changes no one has ever had to go through before. But our team continues to take everything in stride while providing the best services to our clients so they continue meeting their goals. And while some days can be challenging, in the end, the smiles are always there.  

We are thankful to be out in the community again, spreading all the good things CP does. We’ve had four speaking presentations to area organizations and civic groups in the last month, and it feels amazing to talk with folks again after so much time off. It’s great to be connecting in such a meaningful way.

And all of these good things we are thankful for have everything to do with you, our community. From individuals to corporate partners and everyone in between, this community has rallied around us from the day we re-opened after Safer at Home, and continues to amaze our clients and staff. We feel the love and support every day.

So from all of us at CP, we say thank you and we give you thanks. 


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