What a Telethon Weekend!


Another Telethon in the books and we have 1.4 million reasons to be thankful.

While the Telethon presented some challenges yet again this year due to Covid, our community didn’t let something like a pandemic stop them from supporting CP. It was CP’s 68th Telethon, my sixth, and I am amazed at how generations of people show up and give to CP. Every. Single. Year.

We welcomed back a few friends who weren’t able to attend last year, and it was great to see smiling faces again. We laughed a lot behind the scenes and recalled memories that outlined what makes the Telethon so special and so memorable:

It’s the person who has been sitting on a panel as at VIP for years and has single handedly raised more than $100,000 for CP.

It’s all of the people who wait to call in until their friend is on a panel, or family member. The best are when grandparents call and make a separate donation in honor of each one of their grandchildren.

It’s all of the kids from Southern Door who gave us their very best pirate performance this year and raised more than $48,000 (this just amazes me every year, by the way). 

It’s about our staff who work behind the scenes to make Telethon happen, like our floor director (who leads the Adult Day Services department during the day) who just wrapped up her 26th Telethon, working alongside someone who just wrapped up their first.

It’s the client stories we are able to share that highlight all they have been able to accomplish because of your support.

It’s the excitement of each and every check presentation after a three minute match that got the phones ringing. And it’s the overflow phones located in the WBAY garage that ring like crazy – a sight not too many people get to see.

All in all, there are a lot of things that make the CP Telethon special, year after year. I’m very honored to be able to be a part of it and create wonderful memories from where I work. What about you? What is your favorite part of the CP Telethon?


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