April is Occupational Therapy Month

April is Occupational Therapy Month and we have some of the best in the business at CP!

Occupational therapy helps children and adults gain independence while also strengthening the development and improvement of fine motor skills, sensory motor skills, and visual motor skills needed to function and socialize.

At CP, we have occupational therapists (OT) and occupational therapy assistants (OTA) on our staff. Both play a valuable role in working hands on with clients, creating treatment plans and helping clients make progress and achieve goals. 

Meeting each client’s goals for independence through occupational therapy will vary from person to person. For our adult clients with disabilities, working with an OT might include exercise, but also working on fine motor skills while creating art in ceramics class, or while measuring out ingredients in cooking class. For those with sensory processing concerns, working with clients in our onsite sensory center is best, where clients can make decisions to create an environment on their own where they feel most comfortable.

On the pediatric side, OTs and OTAs incorporate more play based strategies based on children’s interests to help them complete and build daily living skills. Children who come to CP for occupational therapy have diverse diagnoses and, therefore, skills they work on. From working with children who have sensory or sleep issues, to those who present with more attention or behavioral concerns, pediatric occupational therapy can help play a role in self-regulation and tolerance so skills can be developed.

Equally important in pediatric occupational therapy is the role of the family. Strategies used during therapy sessions are also used by the family at home to help reinforce what has been learned, so the child can realize success.   

What’s unique about CP is that whether its occupational therapy in our adult program or in therapy services, it’s a true team approach to help the client reach their goals. It can be a team of adult instructors working on the best strategies to engage a client through classes, or seeing how occupational therapy will be incorporated along with physical and speech therapy for a child.

As we look to celebrate our awesome OT and OTA team at CP, it’s important to realize the work they do to help people of all abilities reach milestones and crush personal goals!  We are truly lucky to have this group of amazing people at CP!

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