Great Sensory Toy Finds on Amazon

By Laurie Anderson, Occupational Therapist 

Pediatric occupational therapy helps children who have physical, sensory or cognitive problems, and can help children gain independence in all areas of their lives: play, self-cares, social interactions and many other daily activities.

At CP we see many children with sensory processing issues. Sensory processing issues can effect a child’s emotional response to daily demands, attention, or motor coordination needed for daily activities. We address this through sensory activities which seem like play. Sensory activities can be even more beneficial during the winter months due to the lack of day light and opportunities for active play.

Here are some of my favorite amazon finds for improving a child’s ability to sit and attend with decreased emotional response.


This is the sensation of any change in position, direction or movement of the head. Movement games can assist in improved attention and decreased emotional outbursts.

               Movement Game |

               Exercise Dice |

               Glow Balls |

               Rocking Chair |


This includes the movement of muscles and joints which leads to improved attention, and decreased emotional outbursts.

               Weighted Lap Pad With Drawing |

               Blow Pens |

               Body Sock |

               Discovery Putty |


Hand held toys that can calm and decrease stress. They are able to be used when needing to sit in one place.  

               Mini Pop Tubes |


Slow unpredictable movement can be calming.

               Liquid Motion Bubbler |

               Fish Glow Bubble Tube |

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